Halcyon Knights to bolster AI capabilities

Profile Overview — October 2017

Halcyon Knights and Gooroo are using AI in HR tech

Despite running a team of over 40 staff across Asia-Pacific, Halcyon Knights still considers itself a start-up at heart. In the decade since its inception, founders of the specialist Executive Search and IT recruitment agency, Lincoln Benbow and Marcus Lynch, have built a name as the ‘go-to’ agency for the IT sector thanks to an ongoing commitment to innovation and best practice.

They’ve created an environment where employees are encouraged to fulfil their potential and drive their own careers by backing themselves and trying new things. They’ve also been early adopters of new technologies aimed at alleviating the pressure on recruiters and employers in an industry defined by rapid change thanks to ever-evolving skill sets.

This challenge is more acute today than ever, with robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) already changing how technology jobs are performed. Recognising that skills alone won’t cut it and the need for more tangible insight into the talent community for its clients, Halcyon Knights recently added Gooroo to its arsenal of AI and tech tools.

“Because we operate in the tech industry, we also need to embrace technology itself to be a truly innovative organisation. We need to ensure we’re breaking new ground and doing things differently. If you do what everyone else is doing and just hope to do it better, eventually someone will do something new and leave you behind.,” Halcyon Knights founder Lincoln Benbow explains.

“Modern recruiters need to use all the innovative tools available to them to help reduce the risk for both the candidate and the client and Gooroo allows us to leverage the science behind the recruitment process.”

In contrast to traditional assessment technologies, Gooroo uses neuroscience and artificial intelligence to provide insight that extends beyond a static view of a person’s skills, strengths or personality; instead, Gooroo assesses a candidate’s potential to succeed within an organisation by understanding how a candidate is motivated, how they’re likely to behave when faced with the unknown, and what they’re looking for long-term. This means Halcyon Knights is now much better able to match them in a role in which they will succeed. Lincoln believes the inclusion of AI and machine learning is a natural progression that will limit error while also addressing the human element of recruitment; namely, that where someone works is crucial to their overall happiness.

Halcyon Knights’ partnership with Gooroo will enable its recruiters to make better choices faster and be better informed through every step of the recruitment process. In a male-dominated industry where many businesses are grappling with diversity issues, Gooroo will also help Halcyon Knights eliminate unconscious bias through anonymous candidate matching.

“It’s safe to say, broadly speaking, all businesses are looking for more intelligent ways to make hiring decisions or get access to broader talent communities. Halcyon Knights recognises there is no silver bullet when it comes to hiring but using an informed and specialised partner as part of a process, alongside good tools and systems like Gooroo, you significantly increase your chances of driving consistent outcomes,” says Lincoln.

“We’re excited to strike up a partnership with a great Australian company. We’re passionate about people and so is Gooroo.”

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